“Kevin Hancock’s personal journey holds universal messages for people at all levels of business and community. The Seventh Power‘s new, more inclusive approach to leadership and management will give you important insights into your life, your career, and your company.”

–Chip Conley, Hospitality Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author

“In his latest book The Seventh Power, business visionary Kevin Hancock lays out a practical plan for how to make businesses more profitable and healthy— so that everyone— customers, owners, and employees— all flourish. I highly recommend this ground breaking book.”

–Christiane Northrup, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and Goddesses Never Age 

“Many business books have discussed management, innovation, culture and how to be great, but none grab you like Kevin Hancock’s The Seventh Power–One CEO’S Journey into the Business of Shared Leadership.  One has to admire what Kevin has accomplished after experiencing a serious speech impediment.  Kevin takes what most of us would be an insurmountable challenge and uses it as a learning tool to make himself, those around him and his company, better.   The Seventh Power is not only a good read, it’s a must read for all aspiring leaders and even those of us who have been around a while.  It’s never too late to learn!”

– Rick Holley Chairman of the Board, Weyerhaeuser Company

“I have always admired Kevin for the reputation he has among the folks working for his organization. The leadership skills and management style described in this book are inspirational, transformational, and motivating.  I am thankful that Kevin is generous and willing to share his perspectives on a fresh path to corporate excellence through employee centric thinking.” 

– George Emmerson  President, CEO, Sierra Pacific Industries

“Powerful. Genuine. Transformative. Those three words sum up the wisdom and humanity that Kevin shares in The Seventh Power. By focusing on the intrinsic value of individuals, his vision and examples of shared leadership from organizations worldwide make this the rare leadership book that effectively transcends and challenges the traditional top-down management model. If you’re looking for a fresh, authentic take on how a company can power-up its people, its value to society, and its performance, you’ve found it.”

—Rick Schumacher, LBM Journal


“I read Not For Sale: Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse in record time. I simply couldn’t put the book down. Kevin Hancock’s courage in laying out his vision quest so beautifully and humbly is a true inspiration. It is my hope that all business leaders will heed the message that it is possible to care for our souls and our businesses simultaneously. In fact, for true sustainability and health, we must.”

–Christiane Northrup, MD, New York Times best-selling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, and Goddesses Never Age

“Kevin Hancock was our keynote speaker for an all-day workshop hosted at The University of Southern Maine titled, Business & Spirituality. Some said, ‘What? That doesn’t go together!’ Our goal was to introduce to our students and the greater-Portland area the concept that work and spirituality can be part of a cultural shift in how we approach our daily lives — where we spend a great portion of our day. Things like compassion, meaning and spirituality are not just something to practice in private, within our volunteer work or just on Sundays. Kevin could not have understood this better and addressed the topic beautifully. He was a dynamic, humorous, inspirational speaker.  Our post-event evaluations made it quite clear: ‘Kevin’s discussion was fantastic – new insights & possibilities’ Thanks again, Kevin, for a wonderful presentation.” 

ChIME: The Chaplaincy Institute of Maine, Portland

“If you had told me a couple of years ago that my friend, Kevin Hancock, would set off on a quest for enlightenment, sparked by a long-distance astrological reading which would lead him to a sweat lodge in a remote Indian reservation well, let’s just say that ‘skeptical’ doesn’t come close to covering it. What happened next is the amazing story Kevin tells here; part history (and not very pleasant history at that), part spiritual journey, part moving portrait of some extraordinary people, and part leadership manual, this fascinating book will touch you and teach you on many levels.”

–Angus S. King Jr., US Senator

“What I have learned through my relationship with Kevin is to remain open-minded, look at everybody as equals and imagine the collective power we can create by coming together. In the beginning, I thought that Kevin and I couldn’t be more different. But, now, I realize that although our journeys started out differently, we are arriving at the same place. Like the Sacred Hoop of the Lakota medicine wheel, the beginning and the ending live in the same spot. Strength comes from the realization that the differences that once tore us apart might now be the opportunities that bring us together. I think this is something that is beginning to happen around the world.”

Nick Tilsen, Askoka Fellow and Oglala Sioux Tribe

“Kevin Hancock takes us on a spellbinding journey deep into the depth of the human soul. The message is powerful, universal, and timeless. We are all seeking to live a life of joy, gratitude, meaning, and purpose.  I am certain this amazing book will help others in search of their life’s calling.”

–Ted Carter, Owner of Ted Carter Inspired Landscapes and co-author of Reunion: How we heal our broken connection to the Earth and Earth Calling

“Kevin Hancock’s story touched me, heart and soul. As I read his words, I kept having to chase ‘Amazing Grace’ out of my head. The archetype behind that song–the archetype of awakening and redemption–permeates every chapter. His is the kind of tale that helps restore my faith in human nature–and gives me hope for the human future.”

Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky

“Just finished Chapter One.  Tears.  Tears of awe easily come.  And, hearing your personal story is eye opening in its own way.  Both stories (the many stories here) are completely compelling and somehow familiar.  For whatever reasons, I feel as though I’m meant to be reading these words.  Grateful to have the opportunity, Kevin.” 

Sharyn Paul Brusie, Wonder Dog Films

“Your book came to me for a reason, and just at the right time.  I read it twice, and its pages are dotted with my tears (literally).”

Margaret K. Minister, partner at Pierce Atwood

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  1. Kevin’s journey is a heart warming story. This tale is of great mentoring for taking the stimulus life brings and opening a journey of healing and transformation. Kevin articulates this in his personal life, and also takes us to new visions for all the tribes on our planet. Heart to Heart Kevin !

  2. Kevin, I look forward to reading your book. I to am on a journey with SD and even though a therapy called Integrated Energy Therapy(R) – Healing with the Energy of Angels – allows me to speak perfectly when I am teaching, I seem to revert back to SD when not teaching. I speak of this in my own autobiography “I Chose My Life”. Thank you very much.

  3. Just finished reading and reflecting. As I expected. A true ‘Hanblecha’, (vision quest.) Well done Mr. Hancock. The introspection, as you noted is so valuable. Thanks for your honesty.
    Respects. (Wicone’ ki le’ washte’) this life is good.
    Jeff Galuza
    customer kindred Spirit

  4. Kevin is an amazing speaker, leader and genuine person. His journey, so eloquently written in his book, is an inspiration for all of us to find our voice on a path we may or may not know we are on! Enjoy the read and the holidays!

  5. Love the “2-fer” offer! My other copy is in circulation in our library system here in Sacramento! 😜👍🏼

    Books, like stories, are only fingers pointing at the moon. There is always more. }:- ❤️ proverb on the hoof

    Patrick Perching Eagle (aka anonemoose monk)

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