The Seventh Power (Coming Soon!)



Coming soon!

The Seventh Power is a timely, fun, and universally relevant narrative that unveils a fresh vision for personal growth and organizational excellence. Through a series of adventures that play out across a twelve-month time frame (2016–2017), award-winning author and business leader Kevin Hancock steps happily outside of his lane to explore the invitation presented by the Aquarian Age, to share leadership broadly and celebrate the symphony of all voices. The story that follows is equally relevant to those who think they lead and those who feel they follow. As a result, the book becomes an invitation for everyone on Earth to seize the moment and change. Leaders in the new age, Kevin suggests, must learn to push power out instead of collect it in. All others must realize that followership as we have known it is coming to an end. We all are meant to be the CEO of our own voice and journey. Individuals and organizations that can apply this understanding shall expand their influence and deepen the value of the human experience. Those who resist will . . . well, resist and drag along.

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