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  1. Hello Kevin
    I am compelled to comment re: what I just read. I saw the movie, Buru My Heart at Wounded Knee. I was listening to the HR program on WLOB program, 10-11am and they had an excerp on of an interview with you; I also heard an interview with you several weeks ago detailing the story of the loss of your voice and eventual recovery. I am a nurse with strong spiritual inclinations. I identified strongly with the physician, Charles Eastman, a Sioux Native American who was forced by his “assimilated” father to leave his tribe, cut his hair, forget about his heritage,
    Attend Christian school, and become s doctor to return to Pine Ridge to treat & help his people. Do you ever take people interested in learning more about those Lakota Native Americans with you? I would be interested in finding out more… Sincerely, Donna Miller, RN dnnamiller@gmail.com
    attend Christian school

    1. Donna – Sorry for the delay in responding! Thank you for reaching out and contacting me. Charles Eastman is quoted in my book but he is definately someone I would like to learn more about. I will email you as well! Wopila Tanka!

  2. Kevin,
    I just found this book and have not read it yet but would definitely like to. I am the President of the Friends of the Presumpscot River (FOPR). The word Presumpscot means “many falls” or “many rough places”. it is a river along whose banks at Presumpscot Falls was the first sale of land between a first nation and a European for alcohol. It is a river that has been quieted by its many dams since 1756 when Chief Polin of the Wabanaki band of the Presumpscot was killed by Stephen Manchester. It is a river that has retained an undeveloed quality only because it has for the last 200 years been an open sewer. The river is now, after 15 years of effort, on the verge of a critical dam removal and restoration of fish passage at Saccarappa Falls which means “falling toward the rising sun” located in the heart of Westbrook. In many regards we at FOPR have taken up the efforts of Chief Polin who was the last great river advocate.
    I would like to talk to you about this and a lecture that we have coming up on Polin and the Wabanaki of the Presumpscot. As Polin said, when confronting the Governor of Massachusetts in asking for dam removal “the Presumpscot is the river I belong to” We all belong to our place as I know you have profoundly found, and every place is mothered by its water.
    If you would be interested please let me know. I think there are many things about this effort you would find a connection with.
    Michael Shaughnessy

  3. Kevin, In late August I drove with my dog from Jacksonville, FL to Montana, which isn’t so remarkable except I am 76 years old and was gone for 5 weeks, tent camping. It was the most amazing continuation of my own spiritual journey, which began 32 years ago when I joined AA. (Do we need a disease, SD or alcolohism, to become open to a Higher Power?) On my trip I learned there is a huge difference between isolation and solitude. I felt such peace and spiritual growth/presence. I was at Wounded Knee, on the Pine Ridge reservation, went to Little Bighorn, Mt. Rushmore, the Black Hills and Devil’s Tower, where i bought your book. Finished it last night, and immediately started reading it again. “What brought me there?” is the question. I have traveled all over the world, but not to the West in my own country. I felt “guided” my whole way. And with the exception of Jacksonville, FL to Valdosta, GA, I was never on a major highway. I plan to return next August, God, car and health willing. And I will spend more time at Pine Ridge. I do have a question if you are willing to answer it. What is your Indian name?
    Thank you so much for your book.
    Diane Till

    1. Diane – Wow! Thank you for sharing YOUR amazing story! Very inspiring! Vision Quests can come at any age! I say often that SEEKING is the key to finding. Thank you for your inspiration! The manager at the Devils Tower gift shop is a great friend of the book! So glad you found it there! My Lakota name is Ho-ya Wash-te…which means “He throws a good voice”! So happy to hear from you! Kevin

  4. Thank you so much for the great website and links to the reservation!

    I am from Maine, and I was just amazed, impressed, and very grateful for your book!

    That was certainly an act of courage. So many of us would have a hard time being that honest with the world or expressing how magical the world is.

    We know this because we live in Maine 🙂 But many don’t get to experience the daily magic of nature around us.

    Leonardo DaVinci said it was useless to study anything but nature – to educate ourselves.
    He said, everything is there that we need to learn. Nature is speaking to us all the time, but we have to get out there to listen to it.

    Many of your fans are so very grateful for your book.

    It is just as important as the Black Elk Speaks book, for our generation and for non-Natives – for everyone who reads it.

    With so much gratitude, from your friend forever. May you and your family have every happiness in the upcoming holiday season! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

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