Kevin D. Hancock

"Kevin Hancock skillfully threads leadership lessons throughout the entire narrative of The Seventh Power….The Seventh Power would be a great reading selection to be discussed at a business retreat or a book club..." Click here to read full review by Award-Winning Author, Margo Kelly 

The Seventh Power
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A corporate executive loses his voice and discovers a new pathway to organizational excellence built on the premise of dispersed power and shared leadership.

“Kevin Hancock’s personal journey holds universal messages for people at all levels of business and community. The Seventh Power’s new, more inclusive approach to leadership and management will give you important insights into your life, your career, and your company.”

—Chip Conley, Hospitality Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author

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Not For Sale
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NOT FOR SALE: Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse is a unique iconoclastic memoir that traces one businessman s journey deep into Indian country, and even deeper into his own soul. In a corporate world hallmarked by the never-ending quest for bigger, better, more, this CEO of one of America s oldest family businesses contemplates an organizational structure where the goal is to do less, not more. In a 24/7 internet- wired world consumed with roles, responsibilities, and external accomplishments, Kevin learns to look inward for meaning and purpose.
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