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Kevin Hancock Addresses the 'Elephant in the Room' at the DO MORE GOOD Conference

Kevin Hancock Addresses the 'Elephant in the Room' at the DO MORE GOOD Conference
May 20, 2019 by Kevin D Hancock
DO MORE GOOD by Kevin Hancock

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”- Margaret J. Wheatley

May 18, 2019: This past Friday I spoke in Lincoln, Nebraska at the DO MORE GOOD conference.  Don’t you love that title, DO MORE GOOD?!

Do More Good conference stage at the University of Nebraska Innovation Campus

The conference was held at the University of Nebraska Innovation Campus in the shadows of the giant Cornhusker football stadium.  It was an exciting opportunity for me because the event brought in some top business speakers from around the country.  Jay Cohen Gilbert, founder of the B Corporation movement, spoke.  So, too, did Rand Stagen, co-founder of the Conscious Capitalism movement.

The conference was a...

Pinky Clifford Receives National Award!

Mar 15, 2019 by Kevin D Hancock
Click on the link below!

On March 28th in Washington D.C., my dear friend and NOT FOR SALE book star, Pinky Clifford, is receiving a distinguished award from the National Low Income Housing Coalition for her decades of work to bring home ownership opportunities to the people of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I am very happy to see Pinky receive this recognition and I will be attending the ceremony in DC!

Celebrating today...

Jun 17, 2018 by Kevin D Hancock
Today is a day to celebrate all the good we have done as parents…and to forgive any transgressions…and to contemplate fresh starts when necessary. 

One great thing about life is no matter who you are or where you are there are always past events to be thankful for AND future chances to create something fresh and better.  We always have the choice of celebration, forgiveness, and renewal.  All three are part of a family experience I think. 

Family is all just a chance to learn, love, and grow. 

Kevin Hancock to speak at UMA

Kevin Hancock to speak at UMA
Nov 21, 2017 by Kevin D Hancock
The University of Maine at Augusta and the Office of the Dean of Students have invited Kevin Hancock to speak about his experiences on the Pine Ridge Reservation as part of their recognition of Native American Heritage Month at the Augusta campus. This event is open to the public, and will be held from 12pm - 1pm on December 5th, at the UMA campus. The academic theme this year at The University of Maine at Augusta is TRUTH, and Kevin was asked to speak as they felt his experience and perspective would dovetail nicely with their exploration of this theme of TRUTH. The first 40 attendees will receive a FREE copy of Kevin's award-winning book, Not For Sale: Finding Center in the...

2017 SAGE Lecture Series

2017 SAGE Lecture Series
Sep 29, 2017 by Kevin D Hancock
9/26/17 - This past Tuesday, Kevin Hancock was invited to speak at the University of Southern Maine in Portland as part of the SAGE lecture series. SAGE provides academic lecture and discussion programs chosen by its members, in topic areas such as history, culture, the arts, geography, anthropology, and science. Using University and community resources, the SAGE program provides a format in which enthusiastic learners can discover new realms of intellectual challenge and academic pursuit.

Kevin was met by an enthusiastic group of 80 lifelong learners interested in hearing his recent journey through the Land of Crazy Horse. For 2 hours, the group heard from Kevin, watched a video he made during his trip, and followed up with a great Q+A session....

Third Printed Edition of NOT FOR SALE - Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse launches!

Sep 20, 2017 by Kevin D Hancock
Hello!  The third printed edition of NOT FOR SALE - Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse arrived from the publishing company today!

The book first launched in the fall of 2015 and we now have 6,000 copies sold or in distribution.

To celebrate, now through September 30th, we are having a big sale!  For every two books ordered, you will receive a third book free!  Order four copies and receive two free (and so on)!  Enter coupon code BUY2GET1FREE at checkout! Shipping during this period is also free and all books will be personalized and signed.  A single book is $20.

This new edition has an updated front and back cover, as well as some new inside cover material.  Simply go to and...

Maine InnKeepers Podcast Link

Aug 29, 2017 by Kevin D Hancock
Hello!  I did a live Facebook podcast with the Maine Restaurant and Innkeepers Associations today!  On October 24th I am speaking at their 1st annual Maine Hospitality Summit (

Here is a link to the podcast...:

At their conference we are going to be talking about leadership strategies for pushing power out from the corporate center and strengthening the voices of others.  The goal is to create an organization where everybody leads!

Check the podcast out and, if it speaks to you, pass it on!

Books can always be ordered at!  All orders placed on the site are signed and personalized!  $20 per shipping!

On that note, we crossed a nice milestone recently passing 5,500 copies of NOT FOR SALE - FINDING CENTER...

Searching for Voices in the City of Music

May 07, 2017 by Kevin D Hancock
I was blessed to be the key note speaker this weekend at the annual National Spasmodic Dysphonia Conference held, ironically this year, in the Music City of Nashville, TN.  People with broken voices from all over the world came to the city of beautiful voices to learn, connect and share their stories.  It was such a joy to share my story with the people gathered there.  

At the conclusion of my talk about searching for my own voice in the Land of Crazy Horse I shared three ideas...

The first was on the idea of leaders doing less not more...of leaders pushing power out instead of collecting it in...of a future where everybody shares the opportunity and responsibility of leadership.  I...

What unites us is more powerful than what divides us...

May 04, 2017 by Kevin D Hancock

Hello!  This is a great short (4:00 minute) video reminder about how we are all more alike than we are different.  The ideas that we think divide us are not as big as they appear…

Kevin Hancock  President / Hancock Lumber

Books available at

The Ten Virtues of Leadership for a Collaborative World

Mar 22, 2017 by Kevin D Hancock
This short article is by a friend of mine…Larry Miller…a lean management consultant.  The article is titled The Ten Virtues of Leadership for a Collaborative World.  This is a quick but brilliant read and just had to share this with you.  I don't use the word 'brilliant' very often...but this article is briliant!

 I shared this with everyone at our company today and suggested that it describes Hancock Lumber’s real, modern day mission.  Our mission is not lumber, or logistics or even making money…our mission is trying to model a new paradigm for how people work together…

Below is a link to Larry's amazing post...

Thank you for being you!



Connecting Tribes!

Mar 14, 2017 by Kevin D Hancock
I had the honor of being the dinner speaker tonight at Aetna's world-wide finance team leadership conference in Hartford, CT.  They had 400 of their finance leaders there from around the globe.  Aetna bought a copy of the book NOT FOR SALE for each attendee.  It was really fun to share the story of Pine Ridge and the story of Spasmodic Dysphonia and how both changed the way I thought about leadership with their team.  The theme of their conference was transformational leadership and thinking about new models for leadership that engage the members of the team more deeply!

Here is an excerpt from my talk..."We have been looking in the wrong place for purpose, power, meaning, opportunity and guidance all along.  Leadership does...

It takes adults to make the world too complicated...

Feb 15, 2017 by Kevin D Hancock

Just sharing this 3 minute one in the video over 10 years old...could solve all the world's problems...

Humanizing "refugees"...makes the truth of what America should do easy to see...

Feb 09, 2017 by Kevin D Hancock
Devils Tower, photographed by Kevin Hancock

Hello!  This video humanizes the Syrian refugee crisis.  Whenever you humanize a situation the truth surfaces.  President Trump's current position of distancing America from refugee challenges is the opposite of what should be done and who we are as a country.  

"Refugee" - a person who has been FORCED to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster...

This video follows Mohammed Alsaleh and his work to help Syrian refugees in Vancouver.  He himself is a refugee...once tortured and imprisoned for wanting freedom for his people and country.

Mohammed Alsaleh quotes... "My generation was dreaming about having freedom" (before 2011) "It's so normal now to open your computer and...

It always comes back to what WE do...

Feb 05, 2017 by Kevin D Hancock
Hello!  I had this essay picked up as the OP-ED in the Maine Sunday Telegram Today.

The world around us can be very mesmerizing and distracting but at the end of the day our path always comes back to what we each choose to do on a local level.  That's the 7th Power, the power of the individual spirit,  that lives within us all!  We are not defined by what others do or have done.  We are defined by what we do each day.

Thank you for being you and for staying connected!


Spirit of Christmas

Dec 25, 2016 by Kevin D Hancock
I have been saving this video for Christmas.  When you have 15 minutes you might enjoy this 60 Minutes segment on how love and ideas ended the 50 year old gorilla war in Columbia.  It's the best example I have seen of the new Aquarian paradigm of human engagement.

The New Columbia

More than Christmas is a's an idea...

Love to you!  Merry Christmas to all!





The Secret of Change

Dec 22, 2016 by Kevin D Hancock
I saw this quote today.  It crystalized a thought I have had for some time for the people of Pine Ridge and the other reservation communities of the northern plains.  This quote also speaks to the one concern I have had surrounding the protests at Standing Rock.  More broadly, I think this quote is applicable to all humanity...

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

- Dan Millman -

The Gift of Ideas

Dec 18, 2016 by Kevin D Hancock
I participated in a small leadership workshop recently where there goal was simple...acquiring a piece of new learning...putting an idea in your head that had not been there before.  The program was a reminder that growth is an intentional have to be looking for new ideas, wanting to think differently.

It all reminded me of the vision-quest rite of the Sioux.  I have studied that rite and come to believe that the biggest step in the vision-quest process is the first one...seeking.  "The spirits will meet you half way," as the Lakota say.

Over a year after my book, NOT FOR SALE, launched I am still sharing and acquiring ideas connected to that story.  Below is a link to a talk I recently...

Holiday Book Sale!

Holiday Book Sale!
Dec 06, 2016 by Kevin D Hancock
Kevin Hancock's award-winning book, Not For Sale: Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse, on sale for $20/each with FREE shipping, or, BUY 3 GET 1 FREE! Now through 12/31/16. Get your newly released 2nd edition copy with new cover & pictures, signed by the author for the perfect holiday gift! Enter coupon code: BUY3GET1FREE at checkout!

“I read Not For Sale: Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse in record time. I simply couldn’t put the book down. Kevin Hancock’s courage in laying out his vision quest so beautifully and humbly is a true inspiration. It is my hope that all business leaders will heed the message that it is possible to care for our souls and our businesses simultaneously....

This is Phyllis Young, leader of the Dakota pipeline protest

Nov 02, 2016 by Kevin D Hancock

The 7th Power...

Oct 06, 2016 by Kevin D Hancock
The sign in front of this housing cluster at Wounded Knee symbolizes the longstanding ineffectiveness of government at Pine Ridge.

Hello!  I wanted to share this passage below from a daily reading web-site I subscribe to because it offers a powerful description of the 7th Power…how easily it can be lost...and, therefore, how easily it can be found...

"One of the most common ways in which we imprison ourselves is by comparing ourselves to others and, upon finding our situation inferior, placing blame — on circumstances that we feel are unfair, on the people we believe are responsible for those circumstances, or on some abstract element of fate we think is at play. The self-defeating catch is that...