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Sending copies of The Seventh Power to Ukraine today!

Feb 21, 2020 by Kevin D Hancock, in KevinDHancock
Sending book copies today to my friends Mykola and Hanna in Kyiv Ukraine! Both are 97 year old survivors of the 1931-32 Holodomor (forced starvation) in which 4-7 million Ukrainians died. My wife, Alison and I interviewed them in Kyiv in 2017 and they are both still alive and well today to read their stories featured in Chapter 6 - FIELDS OF MEMORY. Here are the opening two sentences of the chapter:

"The odds that Hanna Sirois would survive the winter of 1932 in the Ukraine and live to see her eighth birthday were too small to calculate. Her parents were dead. Her younger brother and sister were dead, and were it not for her nine-year-old sister, Marina, Hanna herself never would have survived."

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