Kevin D. Hancock


Check out my recent TEDxDirigo Talk: The Business of Shared Leadership – A CEO’s Quest to Disperse Power

Jan 10, 2020 by Kevin D Hancock

Hello!  I had the lovely opportunity to give a talk recently at the 2019 TedX Dirigo event in Portland, Maine titled “The Business of Shared Leadership – A CEO’s Quest to Disperse Power.”  The Ted Talk video just released a few days before Christmas and I am excited to share it with you now.  The entire day was inspiring.  There are so many great leadership stories right here in Maine!


The event took place at the Innovation Center on the UNE Campus in Portland.  The event hall was sold out.  A large portion of those in attendance were young people and I was happy to give a talk about a new mission for business focused first on the employee experience and dedicated to helping every member of the team find their true voice.  In this model, profit becomes the outcome of a higher calling. We humans are all here on earth just trying to self-actualize as best we can.  We all want to find our true voice and share it with the world.  In nature, power is dispersed and that’s the future of organizational excellence. 


Ted Talks are an exceptional venue because they force each speaker to get right to the core of their message through storytelling.  I learned a lot from giving this talk.  Please enjoy, and if you do please post and share with your network of friends.  In the 21st Century messages of good hope and good intentions are best spread one person at a time.  Thank you!