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  1. Hi Kevin, I have just finished your book, while recuperating from a hip injury. The timing was perfect, and I really related to your spiritual journey. I wonder if there’s any way to privately email you? If this is possible maybe you could email me your permission? In any event, I learned a lot from reading your book and wanted to thank you for sharing. Sincerely,
    Joyce Berk

  2. Kevin, I am in the first 50 or so pages of your book and quite impressed and certainly affected by it. I have a question about the time-did you travel out and meet Pinky in 1986? That’s what you said but you also stated that you watched Celts vs. Lakers championship before arriving (celts beat the rockets in 86) I don’t mean to be a pain but I want to know what year you were there. thanks, Bruce Gobi, Portland

    • Hello Bruce! Yes, it was October 2012 when I first traveled to Pine Ridge and have since been back there 13 times now. It makes me happy that you are enjoying the book! Thank you for reaching out to me! Kevin

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