Pinky Clifford Receives National Award!

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On March 28th in Washington D.C., my dear friend and NOT FOR SALE book star, Pinky Clifford, is receiving a distinguished award from the National Low Income Housing Coalition for her decades of work to bring home ownership opportunities to the people of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I am very happy to see Pinky receive this recognition and I will be attending the ceremony in DC!

8 thoughts on “Pinky Clifford Receives National Award!

    1. Eldon & Jan hello! Your history with Pinky goes way back and is so important to her work at Pine Ridge. Hope to see you soon!

  1. Kevin, what great news! I feel as if I got to know Pinky through your writing – and, to take nothing away from Pinky’s great work, you should feel proud of the spotlight you contributed to it. Stormy

    1. Thank you! Pinky’s amazing because she gets things done in a place where doing so is very difficult.

  2. Thank You, Kevin for being such a strong advocate and supporter. Your presence makes a difference.

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