Spirit of Christmas

004I have been saving this video for Christmas.  When you have 15 minutes you might enjoy this 60 Minutes segment on how love and ideas ended the 50 year old gorilla war in Columbia.  It’s the best example I have seen of the new Aquarian paradigm of human engagement.

The New Columbia


More than Christmas is a day…it’s an idea…

Love to you!  Merry Christmas to all!





2 thoughts on “Spirit of Christmas

  1. Finally had a chance to watch the video. Thanks for sharing. I like to think I keep myself quite well informed in terms of both national/international news and events. Did not realize this transformation had taken place in Colombia…was still stuck in the drug cartel/violence mindset. Delighted to be informed, and delighted as well that your ongoing journey continues to touch us all.
    All the best to you as the new year rolls in!

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