Full Circle (Me and Pine Ridge)

full_circleIn the fall of 2013 I returned to Pine Ridge for the 4th time… during this trip I hunted buffalo in Wyoming… rented a truck… brought the meat to the REZ… shared it with the people… walked the grasslands… worked on housing issues… celebrated Halloween… recorded stories from an elder… traveled north to former tribal lands… had a vision quest there… walked the wagon tracks of the Oregon Trail… stood alone at Forts Fetterman and Laramie where treaties were made… then broken… then fought over… drove to Denver in a snowstorm… gave thanks for my family… learned that the Great Spirit forms a circle… and that the sacred number is four…

12 thoughts on “Full Circle (Me and Pine Ridge)

  1. Remarkable photos Kevin. They speak volumes. Such stark beauty. Thanks for sharing them and for sharing your story and the story of the people of Pine Ridge.

  2. Great stuff Kevin! I love seeing the passion you have for the folks from Pine Ridge. Keep up the good work and let me know when the next trip to Pine Ridge is happening.

    Chris Mckenney

  3. Kevin,
    Photography is stunning! Looks like another amazing trip. Kudos to you for helping these people and sharing their story! Beautiful country! Wow! God Bless you!
    Leona Hall

  4. Wow Kevin! Great presentation! I’m glad I was able to hear you tell the story first, it made the whole thing extra enjoyable! You do look crazy happy laying against that enormous fallen buffalo!

  5. That was incredible Kevin!! My son now knows where he wants to go in four years for his graduation trip!! Thanks for the Journey.

  6. Just finished watching it for the third time!! Some very incredible shots of the area, if the book is half as good it is bound to be a “best seller”

  7. Wow I am so impressed!!!! I find this blog and its information more then interesting and most enjoyable ….. Can’t wait for the book to be released
    Thank-you for sharing — Donna

  8. Kevin. I met with you a while back to share our stories about Pine Ridge. My church traveled there couple years ago and is looking at another trip this fall.
    How is your book coming along. Would love to see it.
    The organization we work with is Re-Member. Would love to catch up with you at your convenience.
    First Parish Yarmouth

    1. Great to hear from you Leigh! Re-Member is strong organization for Pine Ridge. I am happy you are connected to them. I look forward to sharing my book with you and your group! Thank you!

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